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The Airstate Approach

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Airstate specialises in collecting royalties for media rights owners. By focusing solely in this area, we can work hard for our clients offering the most relevant expertise and attention. Our clients are typically individual rights owners or music production companies working on a range of projects including commercials, trailers, promos, station identities, audio branding, documentaries, dramas or films.

Attention to detail

We value thoroughness, data integrity, accuracy and accountability and use unique data sources to inform our royalty tracking and claiming.


Royalty income can be tricky to track down unless you’re willing to dig deep. That’s why we never give up on our mission to locate, identify and deliver our clients’ royalties.


We are committed to personal, consistent communication. We remain accessible to our clients at every stage.

Global Reach, Local Expertise

No matter where in the world our clients’ music is broadcast, we have the local intelligence, expertise and global infrastructure to bring home their royalties.

How we work

Airstate’s operation delivers success for our media composers and rights owners through
multiple systematic processes:


Rigorous logging of each new work or usage in Airstate’s administration control system. We carefully track the progress over time of each project to maximise royalties.


Comprehensive databasing of our clients’ recordings which are provided to collecting societies as proof of ownership and to drive royalty tracking activities.


Triple-checked client registrations with collecting societies to ensure everything remains consistent and correct.


Deep forensic analysis of the unique data sets within our proprietary Airstate systems; we uncover new usages of works, which clients may not even be aware of, and spot data inconsistencies that can separate clients from their royalties.


Extensive royalty tracking processes, including repeated search algorithms on unpaid royalty blackboxes to claim everything that is rightfully due.


Quarterly royalty distributions and talking through results with our clients.

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